Monday, May 11, 2009

Post #6

Most of the people I know here are immigrants as I am. They all are hardworking individuals, who would do everything to help their families that live in their home countries. They are tired but they do not even want to think about any resting as that would be wasting of money. However I know that they suffer very much. They are so lonely here because they are far away from their families. They are free people and they know that they can leave this country and go back home. But they do not do this. Moreover there are more and more of others, who are coming here every single day. I find this very interesting. What are the reason they are still here? Is this argument stronger than the willingness of being together with their loved ones? Do they truly enjoy the advantage of globalization which is making bigger money in other countries? Do the higher status of their families back in Poland (that they can enjoy for the money they receive from the US) is worth this homesickness? I think that my research question would be: Are the immigrants, who work years in foreign countries, the beneficiaries or victims of the process of globalization? What does this process takes away from them in exchange for what it offers? Does their style of living represent light or dark side of globalization?
That is what I have been wondering about since I came to this country and met all those people. The essay #3 will be a great opportunity for me to finally take a closer look at this problem, do more detailed research and draw some conclusions.
The first step, to find the answers for the above mentioned questions, is to interview someone whose experience is related to this topic. My interviewee will be 68 years woman, who came to the United States about 20 years ago and has been working as a cleaning lady since the first day she came here. She works six days a week to financially support his son and grandchildren, who live in Poland. She is the only member of her family, who lives in this country. I think the questions I would like to ask her would be as follows:
Describe the work you are doing?
What kind of job you were doing previously?
How do your employers treat you?
How long have you been doing this?
What do you think about the wage they pay you?
How do you usually use the money you earn?
How do you enjoy your free time?
Why do you work at your age?
Why are you still in the United States?
What are your plans for the next five years?
How often do you visit your family?
What do you think about your grandchildren?
How do your grandchildren treat you when you visiting them?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

post #3

I think I was growing up in the middle class family. My parents were never rich, but we were never very poor either. Social position was very important for people I was living among. In my opinion being a member of any social class depends on financial status. There are rich people, poor people and representatives of middle class, who have regular jobs and do not have bigger financial problems, but still do not wallow in luxury. I think that social class somebody comes from is important in every community. People are always more willing to make a friendship with someone with high status as lawyers or doctors, because at some point they are more powerful and rich of course. They represent middle class or rich class, in the most people's eyes they are a little bit higher than representatives of "working class", who usually work physically for low wages.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The most important thing in my family was always education. My parents were always telling me that I need to get college degree to be respected by others. I think they were right. I was a member of the community where everybody's main goal was getting a higher degree. It was obvious for my parents and all their friends that their children would go to college just after finishing high school. I was planning to be a medical doctor or lawyer just to satisfy my parents. But that was before. Today I live in New York among people who mostly care about money. I do not think that this is better or worse than my parents' idea of life, I think it is just different. Thinking only about material goods is maybe not very ambitious but it is not bad either. In the community I belong to today everyone would like to have the biggest house possible (the best scenario would be living in a little palace), at least two cars and all other fancy things. Money is something that could make me an "important" person among my friends. However personally I do not belive in that at all. Even if I spend with these people so much time their idea of life does not convince me. I believe in completely different values. I want to be a good person and well educated.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I work for a legal/paralegal agency, which is located in Brooklyn. I've been there since January this year. It's been only three months and I must say that during this time there was absolutely nothing unusual. Every day looks almost exactly the same. The only thing that changes every time I am coming in, is the list of new cases I have to take care of. Eventhough there is nothing extraordinary about this place, I think I like this job. The owner of this agency is a 46-year old woman. She always looks very professional and classy. She is demanding as a boss, but wonderful as a person. I love to talk to her in private. However the two days in a week I hate the most is Tuesday and Thursday. Yes, those are two days she is in the office for the whole day. It means that every Tuesday and Thursday I must be open-minded every minute I am spending in this place. But that is nothing, because the worst scenario is a costumer coming in with a letter saying that the case we helped him or her with, was denied and the reason for that decision was some mistakes in filing. That means that was our fault, I mean the agency's. If SHE was not there I could do something about this without even telling her about this. I could ask for help my co-workers and clear out this situations. However when she can see that there is a problem at the front she automatically is coming to talk to this client personally. That is the moment I almost can see a real storm coming over, with heavy, heavy rain...The first question she is always asking is "Who closed this case?" and if the answer definitely points me the first question is coming to my head is "Do I really need this job?". What I like about her is that she is not screaming at me. Her way to resolve it is to discuss the situation. It sounds very nice, but the problem is that I have to listen to this "discussion", which is obviously her monolog, so long, that sometimes I think I would prefer quick yelling. All of my co-workers are two girls, who are very helpful. They already tought me a lot. When we are alone we have a great time. We have to be responsible, so first we finish everything we must for do for the day and then we have a time for ourselves. I am really happy I work there. I would not change anything there. Maybe only money I receive, but that would be all.