Monday, May 11, 2009

Post #6

Most of the people I know here are immigrants as I am. They all are hardworking individuals, who would do everything to help their families that live in their home countries. They are tired but they do not even want to think about any resting as that would be wasting of money. However I know that they suffer very much. They are so lonely here because they are far away from their families. They are free people and they know that they can leave this country and go back home. But they do not do this. Moreover there are more and more of others, who are coming here every single day. I find this very interesting. What are the reason they are still here? Is this argument stronger than the willingness of being together with their loved ones? Do they truly enjoy the advantage of globalization which is making bigger money in other countries? Do the higher status of their families back in Poland (that they can enjoy for the money they receive from the US) is worth this homesickness? I think that my research question would be: Are the immigrants, who work years in foreign countries, the beneficiaries or victims of the process of globalization? What does this process takes away from them in exchange for what it offers? Does their style of living represent light or dark side of globalization?
That is what I have been wondering about since I came to this country and met all those people. The essay #3 will be a great opportunity for me to finally take a closer look at this problem, do more detailed research and draw some conclusions.
The first step, to find the answers for the above mentioned questions, is to interview someone whose experience is related to this topic. My interviewee will be 68 years woman, who came to the United States about 20 years ago and has been working as a cleaning lady since the first day she came here. She works six days a week to financially support his son and grandchildren, who live in Poland. She is the only member of her family, who lives in this country. I think the questions I would like to ask her would be as follows:
Describe the work you are doing?
What kind of job you were doing previously?
How do your employers treat you?
How long have you been doing this?
What do you think about the wage they pay you?
How do you usually use the money you earn?
How do you enjoy your free time?
Why do you work at your age?
Why are you still in the United States?
What are your plans for the next five years?
How often do you visit your family?
What do you think about your grandchildren?
How do your grandchildren treat you when you visiting them?

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  1. This looks *great.* This is actually what a research question should be - an interest coming out of your experiences that you want to find out more about. For the interview questions, think about follow-ups that will take you more into her thoughts and feelings, as well as perhaps bring out some stories.

    I think you're ready to do the interview!